ND Code of Ethics

DACAC-ND Council Code of Ethics

1. Keeping the educational value of the college fair is top priority.

2. Each Site Coordinator will provide each DACAC-ND Council member with one table.

3. Displays will be limited to booth space provided. Booth displays may not interfere or obstruct another display. Technology such as laptops and iPads may be used as long as the sound is off, they do not disrupt other representatives, and they have an educational value to that institution. Activities or displays cannot be potential danger to attendees and participants. Banner displays are allowed provided they do not block sight lines of other booths. Banners must be on or behind an organization’s table to qualify.

4. Individual representatives shall provide students with appropriate items which will present professionalism to students, parents and counselors alike. Printed materials may be distributed only from a representative booth. The use of mobile vans or distribution of unsolicited materials placed on cars, buses or people is prohibited. Representatives will provide educational and career literature only.

5. All representatives must stay behind their booth or table when interacting with students. Representatives should not leave their designated tables to draw students in, nor stand in front of their tables to engage with students. Representatives will be mindful of those around them, respecting who students are speaking with at the time.

6. Non-educational material such as: lanyards, water bottles, key rings, rulers, book covers, posters and bumper stickers, pennants etc. are prohibited.

1. a.) Pens and pencils may be used at tables

7. In the absence of counselor boxes, high school counselors may collect materials from individual tables. Institutions may provide each counselor with education materials and one pennant, if requested. Giving other promotional items to school counselors may not occur during the fair.

8. All representatives must be professional members or alumni of their institution and are required to wear identification.

9. Organizations in attendance are encouraged to have no more than two representatives at their booth or table. In instances of training or other necessary times, more representatives may be allowed, provided all members stay within the confines of the table or booth.

10. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the exhibit areas. The use of alcoholic beverages during the working day shall be prohibited.

11. Any transactions involving an exchange of monies are prohibited, as are drawings, contests or lotteries.

12. All late arrivals and early departures will be recorded by Site Coordinators, and appropriate institutions will be notified. Infractions may be cause for dismissal from the remainder of the College Fairs, and possible suspension from future College Fairs and membership to DACAC-ND Council.

13. Representatives are to use professional courtesy when representing their institution at events which include laptop and cell phone usage.

14. The site coordinator and the DACAC-ND Council Executive Committee will enforce the above Code of Ethics. Concerns about an institution’s conduct should be brought to the site coordinator during the college fair. It is the duty of the site coordinator to correct any violations of conduct.

15. Repeated violation of the Code of the Ethics will result in an institution’s attendance being reviewed by the DACAC-ND Council. Institutions will receive three strikes per year. Upon the third strike, the institution will be barred from all remaining DACAC college fairs of the year. These strikes are enforced per institution, not per representative. It is the duty of your chief scheduler to relay the ethics to all possible representatives.

The above Code of Ethics has been established in the interest of uniformity and professional conduct.

Updated October 2016
Changes Submitted January 2020

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